Video credits: Rebecca Looringh van Beeck (script, director), Simon Kohler (sound, post-production, director) and Dane Dodds (DOP)
The story of the gallery revolves around the building’s owner, Hans Niehaus, and his dream to craft a space over time, sold to the council as a “restoration” – incrementally adding to what was originally a small, single story shop on the corner of Ingle and Vineyard Roads, Claremont. Construction began in the early 90s and is still continuing. The building is surrounded by a level of mystery as many people speak of seeing it, but never having stepped inside. For Hans, each new addition, repair or improvement is triggered from something positive happening in the space. This short video was made to promote Sylvan Aztok’s album launch, which was held at the Niehaus Gallery. It highlights the building’s unusual and unexpected architectural features, while the gallery owner speaks of his dreams for the space. 
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