With Baier Bischofberger Architects and Urban-Think Tank at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale.

The exhibition focused on The People’s Museum in Sarajevo, an iconic building that stands as a heroic representation of the country’s resistance and resilience in overcoming the Bosnian War. A temporary strategy of adaptive reuse was proposed; the museum becomes covered in a transparent vinyl skin which leaves the decay and patina of the original building intact, enclosing it as if it were an uncanny artifact. Alongside the architectural proposal, the exhibition incorporated the Si/No retrospective of Urban-Think Tank’s projects and research worldwide, previously shown in Zürich and Munich.
As the Project Manager, I was involved in planning, curating and implementing the content, including detailing required timber components, administering material orders and delivery, and organising the launch event. As well as this, I took on the responsibility of building the large 1 x 1.8m 1:50 architectural model, with the help of one other colleague, which became the exhibition’s centre piece. This was a momentous task completed in a very short space of time. I had to develop new techniques to replicate the scaffolding components and vinyl cover, and make everything resilient enough to be disassembled and transported from Zürich to Venice for reassembly. 

(above) photos by Daniel Schwartz

(above) photos by Sanja Vrizic

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