With the understanding that the Climate Crisis is deeply entwined with other ongoing injustices and struggles, Space Saloon and Creative Migration hosted a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental space to verbally confront the topic of Solastasia, the paralysing melancholia induced from environmental distress.

During Field Workshop, hosted at the Institute for Contemporary Art Los Angeles (ICA LA), we prototyped the Climate Crisis Hotline in parallel with a series of participatory workshops. The hotline, which remains active, launched on KCHUNG Radio. Similar to a confession booth or wishing well, our multi-faceted platform sought to validate individuals’ concerns and provide an opportunity to participate in a community dialogue. Through a variety of outreach and engagement methods we invited members of the public to connect, unwind and respond.
Check out more at climate-crisis-hotline.live​​​​​​​

The project was initially designed as a therapeutic space and mobile sound booth, taking its influence from the playbooks of therapy offices, hospital waiting rooms, confessional stalls and meditation spaces. The project was adapted on account of covid-related lockdowns. 

Danny Wills
Rebecca van Beeck
Gian Maria Socci
Susannah Tantemsapya
Nick Rosenblum
Rahul Sharma
Tarini Sharma
Torie Zakben
Emerson Dameron
Kristal Audish
Jay Carlon
Jacqueline Huang
Rachel Ly
Jila Mendoza
Alma Sofia Ramos
Leana Scott
Abigail Smith
Miles K. Stenehjem
Susannah Tantemsapya
Alice Zhang
Climate Crisis Hotline
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