Solo Exhibition, Studio106, Los Angeles
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a tingling sensation typically felt along one’s scalp, neck and upper spine. Triggered by particular sounds and/or imagery, ASMR short circuits referential sense-making to the level of the affected body. When I draw, the aesthetics emerge from a reflective and meditative process where I seek an ASMR-like sensation. The goal is to achieve the tingle; each mark must “feel good”.
Drawing often serves as a coping mechanism or a form of meditation, especially during periods of anxiety or stress. My process begins with a scribble, evolving into patterns, faces, cartoons, creatures, collages, or GIFs. I work across both digital and physical mediums, free from judgment and without a final goal. The aim is not to produce "good" or "acceptable" art but to capture a moment in time, like a diary entry. Each drawing serves as a cryptic message, reminding me of what I was feeling, doing and hiding at that time.
Drawing as ASMR
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