FREC Furniture

When production of a car is decommissioned, what happens to all the materials that were used to produce it? This project for FREC (Ford Resource and Engagement Center), a collaboration with Space Saloon, sought to answer this question while simultaneously supporting a local neighbourhood community centre through the design of flexible furniture.

FREC is a non-profit hub, community space, and educational centre for the neighborhood of Nang Loeng in Bangkok, Thailand. We worked directly with Ford Motors Company to design new uses for wasted materials. After visits to the Bangkok Ford factory, we discovered piles and piles of steel on its way to the dump. Our project sought to give an afterlife to these materials, up-cycling them for new creative and flexible furniture pieces.

Our classroom was made from up-cycled material on its way to the dump. Resurfacing the desks and chairs into a modular element allows users to create a series of layouts for group workshops, traditional classrooms, board meetings, and more.

The library reading room provides individual reading spaces and a collection of materials from the non-profit organisations in the building. The space, open to the public, gives an important resource to the community. Additional movable and reconfigurable panels allow for flexibility in meeting formats. Whiteboards, cork boards and projection surfaces can be detached from the rolling structure and moved across floors throughout the building, keeping the presentation going from space to space.
In the auditorium we designed and fabricated a series of movable furniture pieces with an endless array of uses: exhibition display, seating, play elements, storage and more. Our playful, puzzle-like design allows users to easily reconfigure the space.
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