Rebecca van Beeck is an architect, artist and educator from South Africa. Her work, which combines architecture, installation art and theatre, questions the relationship between space and performance, with the notion of performance ranging from daily patterns of use to theatrical patterns on stage. She continues to explore these interrelated fields through theory and research, as well as through the physical fabrication of interactive structures and eventsIn teaching, she translates these themes towards hands-on design and qualitative, on-site research methods.

Rebecca studied architecture at the University of Cape Town and has an additional postgraduate degree in business and communications, two skill sets she applies in executing her imaginative ideas.

She has four years of experience in teaching architecture and urban design both at master's and undergraduate levels and taught at KTH Stockholm and ETH Zurich before moving to Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok where she is currently a full-time Adjunct Professor at their International Program in Design and Architecture (INDA). 

In September, she will begin her Master of Arts in Scenography in London. 

To contact her, email:

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