'In my room ~ we'll make a costume together'
Costume design is framed as participatory performance. The drama – of struggling to make – is built into the work as I fight against pressures to perform, while performing. Fabric offcuts and failed attempts, the residues of a creative process, accumulate as scenes of possibility (and personality). 
The project culminated in a series of online performances. Building off a previous work, Sewing Subjectivities, I experimented with adapting my interactive fabric performances for an online audience using video conferencing, live streaming and virtual reality. 

'In my room ~ live stream', streamed on Twitch

'In my room ~ VR'

This work is an improvisation with myself and others. During my Zoom performances, I inserted multiples of myself into the same video call as an extension of this concept. Trust – in/from a person and in my work (as intuition) – was important throughout the process.
There is equally an impulse to hide or distort the silhouette in my work. I hide the body to free the body, but with the choice to cut the fabric and adapt to the outfit whenever and however the wearer sees fit. There is a freedom through both formlessness and form.

A freeing and celebratory costume made during my second Zoom performance in collaboration with the participatory audience. 

Check out this online whiteboard for additional debri from this project. I have deposited the bits and pieces that didn't quite make it into the final performances, as well as extra material accumulated during the final exhibition week.

You're invited to my room, in VR.
Patterns of Failure
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